Summer ‘23 Full Results: Top Performers, Numbers, Giveaway, and Introducing the AU Rating

Introducing the AU Rating: A formula for speed, explosiveness, agility, power, and mobility

     The AU Rating system is a comprehensive metric that measures far more than how much weight you can lift. It assesses each athlete's squat 1-rep max, bench 1-rep max, 20/40-yard sprint time, and pro agility drill time,  offering a complete perspective encompassing speed, agility, power, explosiveness, and mobility. With this tool, we can gauge and test athletes, enabling the measurement of progress over multiple years.

AU Ratings for reference:

≥100 = World Class athlete
80-99 = Division 1 athlete
65-79 = Top 5% of HS athletes
45-64 = Top 25% of HS athletes
30-45 = Middle of the pack

Use this spreadsheet to find your score, view the individual results from our partner schools, and see Tom Brady and Giants Running Back Saquon Barkley’s AU Rating. (Saquon might hold the record for the rest of time)

MP and Highland athletes: Go to your School’s sheet, press Ctrl+F to search your name

Mineral Point

Boys Breakthroughs:

Highlighted by Brett Bossert's AU Rating increase of 19.91 from Week 1 to 8, the Point boys have truly made this summer count. Their hard work led to an average AU Rating boost of 11.83 points. A clear testament to their commitment, the boys have shown significant growth in power and explosiveness, evidenced by an average squat 1 rep max increase of 40.0 pounds and an average bench 1 rep max increase of 15.7 pounds.
Top performers: Jacob Phillips, Grady Finley, Alan James, Colton Dochnahl, and Reid Acherman.

More results:
3 athletes sub 3 sec. in the 20 → 11 athletes sub 3 sec. in the 20
6 athletes sub 5 sec. in the Pro Agility → 13 athletes sub 5 sec. in the Pro Agility

Girls Gains:

Both Mady Kabat and Eliza Ingwell hit 225 on their Squat 1RM, showcasing their incredible explosiveness and ability to produce force. This is a hardworking group of girls, with an incredibly athletic freshman class. Some more highlights from this summer include:

AU Rating Increase = 13.74 points
Squat 1RM Increase = 45.0 lbs
Bench 1RM Increase = 8.6 lbs
20yd time Decrease = 0.25 sec
Pro Agility time decrease = 0.51 sec
(all averages)

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Bright Future for the Cardinals:

This represented our first year working with Highland, and a revival of a complete high school/middle school program. First-year results are always crazy, because a majority of these kids haven’t been exposed to high-level performance training.
Because of this, across high school boys and girls, they had an average AU Rating increase of 17.83 points (Wow!)

One athlete leading the charge for the Cardinals was Harlee Fredericks, with a school-high AU rating of 59.71. Harlee was competing with some of the boys on the Squat 1RM, working up to 235 lbs. She also had the second-fastest 20 yd sprint time.

Faith Yaun and Anna Hennessey were also top-performers in the girls session.

Bryce Nankey, Cooper Oleson, and Michael Esser all scored in the low 50s. These young men have incredibly high ceilings; I expect them to be in the 60s next summer. Another name to mention: John Dreschmeier. Missed test-out week but is a quick, explosive junior at HHS.

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