My Story of Freshman in HS to College Athlete (Watch the Video Below) 


Sluggers Baseball Facility


Sundays & Thursdays
Sunday June 18th through Thursday July 27rd

Middle School Session (Incoming 6th-8th Grade)
5 PM - 6 PM

High School Session (Incoming Freshman-Senior)
6 PM - 7 PM

Yep, It's Totally FREE.

We understand the struggles of finding affordable training experiences in rural Southwest Wisconsin. In High School, I drove an hour and a half round trip, four days a week, spending thousands to train at a performance gym. Our goal is simple: Provide quality, affordable athletic performance training, so ANYONE can achieve their goals.

My Story

During the 6 Weeks You'll Master...

  • Basic Motor Patterns​ Needed in EVERY Sport
  • Foundational Movements and Sprint Mechanics
  • ​Mobility and Flexbility to Stay Injury-Free During Your Sport Season
  • ​Speed & Agility Drills to Dominate Your Sport